Statistically architects design for a small percentage of the home market, with the majority of people choosing a builder’s ‘package’. Yet that small percentage of architecturally designed homes drive the aspirations of the rest of the housing market. I believe high quality architectural designs should be available and affordable to everyone.

These contemporary designs represent an exciting new direction for housing in Australia. I have developed these homes through careful consideration of climate, solar orientation, materials and form, resulting in these exciting and truly unique designs. These Architecturally designed new homes represent a significantly different product in the housing marketplace and are a fresh opportunity for the prospective purchaser, or can be further developed as a range in conjunction with a quality builder.

The floor plans have been cleverly designed to suit a variety of sites with differing solar access. The plans can be further developed to suit particular requirements, or can be built as they currently are, providing an exceptional layout for stylish modern living.

These designs are a well resolved starting point, however I am happy to discuss further changes with you to suit your individual lifestyle requirements or budget.

These homes will suit the design-savvy Client looking for an exciting and unique new home within a known and acceptable price window, and will suit couples and families with urban, coastal or rural sites. This range of homes has been designed to offer purchasers an alternative to the traditional types of housing offered in the marketplace, because I believe clients deserve a more exciting product than is currently offered by the majority of builders. They bring the excitement, individuality and environmental performance of an Architecturally designed home to reality by eliminating the unknowns of cost and time - making the dream ... a reality!

Please contact me to view floor plans and discuss these great homes in further detail.